Richard Nielson, Utah, Talks About the Beef Checkoff

Richard Nielson, Utah cattle producer, talks about the benefits of the beef checkoff to his own operation

The Utah Beef Council (UBC) is an independent state agency charged with the promotion and marketing of beef and beef products in Utah. The UBC is funded by the beef checkoff program, a $1.50 per head assessment on the sale of cattle. Checkoff dollars are used to increase beef demand through programs of promotion, research and education. The organization is directed by a 10-member board of cattlemen and women who represent the state's cattle producers.

Where Can Checkoff Dollars Be Invested?

Promotion - Encompasses advertising, merchandising, new product development and promotional partnerships with restaurants and supermarkets designed to stimulate sales of beef and veal in the marketplace.

Research - Provides the foundation for checkoff-funded activity. Information and promotion projects are developed based on consumer, nutrition, beef safety and product enhancement research.

Consumer Information - Endeavors to enhance beef's image through nutritional data and other positive messages targeted to news media, food editors, teachers, dietitians, physicians and other influential groups.

Industry Information - Strives to promote an understanding of the beef industry and maintain a positive marketing climate by helping to provide factual information and correct misleading publicity concerning food safety, environmental and animal welfare issues.

Foreign Marketing - Seeks to identify and develop international markets for U.S. beef and beef variety meats.

Producer Communications - Aims to inform beef and veal producers about how checkoff dollars are being invested and communicates program results. To find out how national checkoff dollars are invested go to

Beef Checkoff Achievements

  • Promoting high quality U.S. beef in 80 foreign countries.
  • Working to continue growth in beef demand.
  • Funding product enhancement and beef safety research programs to address safety and quality issues.
  • Investing an average of $4 million annually on beef safety and product technology research.
  • Delivering beef enjoyment messages to consumers through a checkoff-funded national radio and print advertising campaign.
  • Introducing new products into the marketplace. Since the checkoff began focusing on new product development efforts in 1998, more than 2,500 new beef products have come to market.